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side.....OHHHHH side.....

10:25:38 PM (12/18/2003) (SideEffect) you know why im pissed
10:25:45 PM (12/18/2003) (SideEffect) YOU WANNA KNOW FUCKING WHY
10:25:48 PM (12/18/2003) (SideEffect) HE GOT ME FUCKING KICKED
10:25:49 PM (12/18/2003) (SideEffect) THATS WHY
10:25:52 PM (12/18/2003) (SideEffect) KICK BAN
10:26:09 PM (12/18/2003) (SideEffect) i played at that fucking server alot too
10:26:11 PM (12/18/2003) (SideEffect) fucking dickhead

lets all give side an applause for graduating 4th grade and moving onto the 1337 School of Teh H4X: CS Branch, where he will learn how to r0x0r j00r b0x0rz and perfect teh buttsechz. He can go down in history with the other leet 12 year olds. We salute you.
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